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Our eBook collection offers an unmatched blend of affordability, practicality, and comprehensive insights. Unlike other overpriced alternatives, our eBooks provide detailed, step-by-step advice, replete with clear examples. These guides ensure you're well-equipped to apply the insights correctly and effectively. Loved and appreciated by many, our eBooks are an invaluable resource that truly stand out in their ability to empower readers in their business journeys.




Our masterclasses are result-oriented, designed for small business owners like you. They provide actionable insights and practical knowledge with step-by-step guidance, enhancing business performance. Our classes are engaging, affordable, and packed with value, making them an accessible tool for businesses at all stages of growth.


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We're Proud To Be...

  • Result-Driven

    We've helped thousands of businesses skyrocket their sales, go 6-figures and quit their 9-5 job.

  • Affordable

    With our low prices, we aim to help entrepreneurs on a low budget / just starting out.

  • Giving Back

    We're forever making efforts to give back to our community with huge giveaways and donations.


  • What's The Small Business Handbook?

    The Small Business Handbook® is the home of all things small business growth. We offer low cost, high value educational resources to take your business from side-hustle to full-time career.

  • What's The Growthpreneur?

    Gain instant access to an ever-growing library of over 100 educational resources, including masterclasses, eBooks and workshops. At no extra cost, get access to 1-1 coaching sessions with experts, live workshops and more!

  • What's The Passive Income Handbook?

    An ever-growing library of 200+ digital products for you to sell as your own. All digital products are editable, and 100% done-for-you, including fully written eBooks and webinars. We've made it as easy as possible for you to generate a stream of passive income.



Kind Words

Had my first launch over £10,000 in December thanks to this guide. Love seeing Olivia work her magic.


One of my products is now at the top of the search page. Now just need to implement it on the rest of my products!


A must for all small business owners! I've seen a massive jump in my sales simply from going through the checklist and making sure my website is the best it can be. I had completely missed tiny little things that make a massive difference, I'd definitely recommend!

Abbie Gillespie

Most insightful and informative book I've read on business. Read a few other books from Amazon but they are all too advance for small businesses like me. I haven't finished reading it yet but I've already learnt so much I had never thought of before and beginning to see an increase in sales from implementing it. Really happy and really excited to finish reading it.


Not only did this digital product exceed my expectations. When I say her tips/ideas worked IMMEDIATELY!!! If you don’t have this course in your belt. Your missing out. Instructional, easy and very fruitful in knowledge. A must have for Etsy business. Shop it! And thank me later ☺️

Savannah W

So pleased I purchased this checklist. It has been of great benefit for me, and made me look at elements I had overlooked previously! If you’re in question as to if you want to purchase this or not, do it! You won’t regret it.

Kiely Harris

Hii, just wanted to say that your £100k checklist is THE BEST product ever from you! I love it! It’s super easy to follow and I’m already seeing results and I’m only up to the product photos section!


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Our Mission

We exist to ensure your present situation is not your final destination. I myself was once a university drop-out with no money to my name, trying to turn £100 into a full-time paying business. With a dose of determination and a scoop of hard work, I did just that. It was extremely difficult, especially as I was unable to afford good help and guidance, which left me guessing a lot of the time. So, now I'm here for the future CEOs who haven't yet had their chance to break through as their present situation has held them back. Whether you can't afford £1,000s on help, have difficulty understanding the world of business, or anything else, we've designed our products with you in mind. We'll always provide you with everything you need to know to build your dream 6-figure business in an easy to understand format, without being a financial burden.

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