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5 Best Planners For Small Business Owners

5 Best Planners For Small Business Owners

We're already coming to the end of September... (How?!) And, that means 2023 is creeping closer and closer. No doubt, we'll blink and it'll be here. You know what new year means, don't you? A glimpse of frantically wanting to get your life together before dropping it all on day three. So, without further ado, here are my 5 favourite planners and journals for small business owners, to catapult you into 2023 (and hopefully keep you on track for more than three days...)


1. Gratitude Journal by Hello Lovely Stationery

I'm the last person to listen to any mindset related advice - which isn't something I'm proud of, but I'm naturally somebody who throws myself into the action stage and ignores the mindset stage. I heard so much and read so much about the benefits of writing a gratitude list daily for so long until I finally tried it. I'm not kidding when I say it transformed my productivity. Not only that, but I've found myself to be much more able to deal with issues and negativity when running my business after practicing gratitude. Trust me, it's a game changer.

Gratitude Journal

Buy it here for £8.00:


2. The Sales Success Planner by The Small Business Handbook

If you're looking to increase your sales in 2023, you're going to want to do it with this companion. Each week you're given a task to complete that works to increase your sales, with the main focuses being on getting more customers, getting customers to return and getting each customer to spend more. Even if you have little time, this only requires a few hours a week and leaves you with big results at the end.

Buy it here for £27.99:


3. Manifestation Planner by Lovendu

I'm no manifestation expert, but what I do know is that writing down what you want every day pays off. Whether you believe in manifestation or not, science has proven the benefits of writing down your goals daily - in fact, it increases your chances of achieving them by 42%! Manifest your dreams, girl.

Buy it here for £20.00:


4. The Financial Freedom Planner by The Passive Income Handbook

2023 is your year to set yourself up for financial freedom. Imagine not having to check your bank balance every time you buy something... Ah, bliss. The first step in achieving that is not to earn more, but instead, use the money you already have more productively. This planner ensures you stay on top of all of your finances to allow you to build it upwards.

Buy here for £24.99:


5. Weekly Desk Planner by Papier

There's no better feeling than waking up on a Monday morning and already having your entire week already planned out. If that's you... You seriously have your stuff together!


Buy it here for £17:


Keep moving forward,

The Small Business Handbook Xx

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