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How To Increase Your Engagement On Instagram

Are you currently riding the wave of low engagement on Instagram? Don't worry, most of us are. Summertime is never good for social media performance... With the kids out of school and people going on holidays, the average screen time drops drastically, meaning less eyeballs on our content. But, you can work on boosting your engagement by using call to actions and questions in your captions. Call to actions prompt your viewers to take a certain engagement action, whilst questions spark comments.


To Increase Comments

- Drop a __ emoji if you agree

- What's your opinion on this?

- Has this ever happened to you?

- Tell me about your experience in the comments

- Which one is your favourite? Comment ___ emoji for ___ or ___ emoji for ___

- Think you know your bestie? Tag them to see which one they'd buy

- Tag your bestie and if they don't see it in 5 mins, they buy you it

- Introduce yourself in the comments

- Any questions? Ask away in the comments

- Let's get acquainted! Say hello in the comments


To Increase Likes

- Double tap if this has ever happened to you

- Double tap if you relate

- Which one is your favourite? Like for ___ or comment for ___

- Enjoyed this? Double tap!

- Like if you found this helpful

- Double tap to see more content like this

- Like if you're feeling inspired

- Did this give you a giggle? Double tap!


To Increase Shares

- Share this to spread the word

- Share this if you relate

- Found this helpful? No gatekeeping! Share this with your audience too

- Know somebody who'd love this? Send it to them

- Share this to motivate your audience

- Send this to your partner to drop a hint

- Share this to claim it



To Increase Saves

- Save this so you don't forget

- Save this for future reference

- Waiting for payday? Save this so you don't lose it

- Found this helpful? Save it

- Add this to your birthday wish list & save it

- You can't remember everything, so save this

- Busy? Save this and come back to it later


Keep moving forward,

The Small Business Handbook Xx

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