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September 2022 Content Ideas For Small Businesses

September 2022 Content Ideas For Small Businesses

August is coming to an end, and Autumn is calling, which means only one thing... If you're a small business, the festivities are beginning! Sure, August is a tad too early to mention the 'C' word, but as a small business, we have to prepare months before shoppers are running around like headless chickens for Christmas bits and bobs. So, without further ado, here's 6 content ideas for September 2022.

1. A gift guide for students moving away to university (similar to a housewarming gift guide, targeted at a younger demographic).

2. Show your Autumn essentials. This should include some of your own products, and some from other small businesses too, because community over competition, right? You could even do this as a collaborative post with someone in your niche.

3. Tease your Christmas range. Yes, even as early as September. 28% of people in the UK have finished their Christmas shopping by the end of September. I wish I was that organised... So, if you're not going to launch it in September, begin teasing it at the very least!

4. Give some September related tips. Think about what your target audience are doing through September... Are they moving away to university? Are they waving their kids off to school? Or, are they just enjoying some crisp morning walks? Whatever it is, offer some value around it. For example: 5 things nobody tells you that you'll need at university.

5. Show an Autumnal aesthetic. A lot of people adore Autumn, and if you're from the UK, I can't imagine it's because of the gloomy and wet days. It's all about the cosy and warm aesthetic of Autumn. If you're launching an Autumnal range, paint a picture when doing so. For example, if I was launching an Autumnal scented candle, I'd record myself curled up on the sofa, dim lighting, hot chocolate, book, slippers with my candle lit next to me.

6. Do something for a charity you care about. September focusses on a variety of different global issues, with days, weeks or the entire month dedicated to them. Select one you particularly feel strongly about, and donate a % of your profits or raise awareness via your social media. These are your choices:

 - World Alzheimer's Month

 - Blood Cancer Awareness Month

 - Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

 - Urology Awareness Month

 - Vascular Disease Awareness Month

 - Bowel Cancer Month

 - Migraine Awareness Week

 - Blood Pressure Week 

 - Rheumatoid Arthritis Week

 - Organ Donation Week

 - Recycle Week

 - Eye Health Week

 - National Week of Happiness At Work

 - World Reflexology Week

 - Healthy Eating Week

 - Balance Awareness Week

 - Mobility Week

 - Mitochondrial Disease Awareness Week


Happy September! We're almost at Q4 - the best time for us entrepreneurs. Hang on in there.


Keep moving forward,

The Small Business Handbook Xx

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