£100k in 100 Days Guide & Workbook

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Used by OVER 4,000 small businesses!

You have a sales target in mind, but no matter what you do, you can't get anywhere near it. I hear you!

It's not because you're not capable. You're very capable. It's because there's so much to do and you don't know what to focus on, meaning your efforts are saturated down to 10% rather than 100%.

This eBook has been designed to ensure you do every single thing you need to do to turn your product-based small business into 6-figure profits, without the overwhelm. All it requires is one small task a day. You can do that, right?

Even better, I'm not going to ask you to cough up £100s for paid ads or anything of the kind. Everything advised in this eBook is very low-cost or free, to ensure you can get through all of it, regardless of your financial situation.

Each day you'll be taught about a specific topic, followed by worksheets so you can go and put it into action.

To keep yourself on track, you also get a FREE digital planner.

517 pages. PDF download.


Disclaimer: I do not claim to guarantee any specific results from using this eBook. The results you derive from this eBook will be determined by whether each task given is put into action or not. For the best results, ensure you complete each task in full.