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The Small Business Handbook

The Content Marketing Guide

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You have an amazing product that you believe in, but you just can't get it out in front of the right people. And, when you finally do, your content doesn't turn them into customers. Sound about right?

I was once in your position too. When I first got into business, I was also a full-time university student and worked part-time, so creating content was at the bottom of my priority list, as you can imagine. There weren't enough hours in the day to create selling content, and as a consequence, I relied on other traffic sources for my sales which was costly.


Content marketing is F R E E! So, if you don't have tonnes of money to put into your business yet, there's no doubt this is the first thing you should master.

And, I've made that process as easy as possible for you. Seriously...


The Business Content Bible is over 465 pages. But, don't let that scare you away.

 - It's split into manageable chunks, so you can tackle one then put it down until you're ready to take the next step.

 - It's so long because it includes SO many different types of content, not just social media, which will help you achieve consistent sales.

 - It's jam packed so it keeps you going for a long, long time. So don't stress about reading it cover to cover straight away!


Inside of The Business Content Bible, you'll find:

 - Content Tools

 - The Content Funnel

 - Turning One Content Idea Into A Week's Worth

 - How To Create Product Storytelling Content

 - Storytelling Content Ideas

 - Your Ideal Customer

 - How To Create Product-Based Valuable Content

 - Valuable Content Ideas

 - How To Sell Yourself, Even If You Don't Want To Show Your Face

 - How To Audit Your Content

 - How To Grab People's Attention With Content

 - Attention Grabbing Content Ideas

 - How To Find Unlimited Content Ideas For Your Business

 - How To Write Attention Grabbing Email Subject Lines

 - Subject Line Ideas

 - How To Write Emails That Sell

 - Email Marketing Content Ideas

 - How To Encourage Email Sign Ups With Content

 - You're Currently Selling To 3% Of Potential Customers; How To Fix That

 - How To Repurpose and Recycle Content To Save Time

 - How To Write A Blog Post

 - How To Get Your Blog Post Found

 - Content Ideas Bank; Over 150 Bonus Content Ideas

 - 80+ Call To Action Ideas

 - Undated Yearly Calendar To Schedule Content

 - Plenty of Space To Draft Your Own Ideas


With all of that, you'll never have to think about content again. It's all in there for you!



 - This has been written specifically for PRODUCT based businesses, and wouldn't be suitable for services, coaches, etc.

 - 469 pages.

 - PDF download.


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The Content Marketing Guide
The Content Marketing Guide
The Content Marketing Guide