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The Small Business Handbook

Quit Your 9-5 Job in 2024: The Action Plan

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Clarity is the single most important thing when it comes to achieving a goal. Without clarity, everything else is redundant. Numerous studies have shown the importance of humans needing to be clued up on a specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound goal (SMART). This probably isn't news to you...

But what happens when that goal is big? Perhaps you have clouds of self-doubt or imposter syndrome over you. Then, no matter how clear you have been with that big goal, you'll be inundated by overwhelming thoughts, preventing you from moving forward.

2024 is almost here. Even if 2023 sucked, you have the power to ensure 2024 is the year you can say "finally, I made it".

I've curated this 100+ page eBook / workbook / planner to eliminate any overwhelm, self-doubt or anything else that could stop you from reaching your lofty goals.

It's not magic (unfortunately). You already have the magic within you. This guide was specifically written to help pull that magic out.

After working through the pages, you'll know exactly where you're heading. And, I don't just mean toward quitting your 9-5. You'll know exactly what you're doing every single day of the year and what sub-goal you're aiming to achieve every month of the year, based on a series of mathematical calculations... Because numbers don't lie.

This is not a generic planner. It's a strategically curated guide, utilising specific prompts and questions coupled with my extensive understanding of how to pursue your business full-time.

Head into 2024 feeling more motivated and determined than ever. Don't let this be another year of you doing the same old stuff.


PDF document. 116 pages.


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Quit Your 9-5 Job in 2024: The Action Plan