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Introducing a heartfelt initiative dedicated to Faye, the inspiring founder of the small business Tubie Life and a former client of mine, now a wonderful friend. Last year, I was lucky enough to e-meet Faye as I mentored her with the growth of Tubie Life, and we have remained in contact ever since.

Faye now faces the personal challenges of Addison's Disease and FND, and she is facing a daily battle of being paralysed from the waist downwards. Her current home is not suitable for her condition, and she is restricted to only the living room, drastically reducing her quality of life. She eats, sleeps, and goes to the toilet in a plastic pot in the living room, and has no access to washing facilities.

Her supportive husband is now in desperate need of help to raise £20,000 which will allow Faye to live more comfortably in residential care whilst he sells their house, buys a bungalow and makes this accessible for her to live in.

After learning about Faye's current struggles, I felt heartbroken for her and I was driven to take action in helping Faye and Andrew reach this £20,000 target. Selfless, kindhearted, funny, passionate, inspiring and caring are just a few of many words I could use to describe Faye. She deserves nothing less than to have a place she feels at home.

I've created a range of t-shirts in which 100% of the profits go directly to funding Faye's much-needed residential care to give Faye some of her life back. Each t-shirt provides £8.24 toward Faye's funding. TSBH will also be contributing extra donations.

Each t-shirt was created with Faye in mind, embodying Faye's life, quirky personality and glowing passion for Tubie Life.

Many t-shirts feature quotes such as "small businesses support small businesses" and some feature quotes related to supporting women. Faye is a huge supporter of other women and small businesses, and I feel as though it's now our turn to come together and support her.

If you don't want to purchase a t-shirt but would still like to donate, please visit:

The support created by the small business community never fails to amaze me. I hope we can now all come together to support one of our own.

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22 products

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