Appeals Policy

The Small Business Handbook Ltd: Appeals Policy

The Small Business Handbook Ltd. is committed to providing high-quality services and resources for all our customers. We appreciate that there may be times when customers are dissatisfied with the service, product, or course they have received and would like to appeal against it. The following is our Appeals Policy, which outlines the steps a customer should take if they wish to appeal, and how we will handle those appeals.

  1. Appeals Eligibility: Customers may submit an appeal if they believe that the quality or relevance of the services or resources purchased (such as eBooks, masterclasses, courses) did not match what was advertised or promised. They may also appeal against charges that they believe to be unjust or unfair.

  2. Filing an Appeal: To submit an appeal, the customer must send a detailed email to our Customer Service Department at within 30 days of the purchase or incident. The email should include the customer's name, contact information, the service or product in question, the reason for the appeal, and any supporting evidence.

  3. Appeal Review Process: Upon receipt of an appeal, we will send a confirmation email to the customer within 5 business days. We aim to review and resolve all appeals within 20 business days of the receipt, although in more complex cases it may take longer. Our appeal review committee will look into the issue, evaluate the evidence provided, and may contact the customer for additional information if required.

  4. Appeal Decision: The decision of the appeal review committee will be communicated to the customer via email. If the appeal is approved, the appropriate action will be taken, which may include refund, course retake opportunities, credit for future purchases, or other remedial actions deemed appropriate by the committee.

  5. Appeal Denial: If the appeal is denied, a detailed explanation of the decision will be provided to the customer. The customer can request one reconsideration of their appeal, provided they can offer new, substantial evidence that was not included in their initial appeal. This request must be made within 10 business days of the decision notification.

  6. Confidentiality: All appeals will be dealt with in a confidential manner and information will only be shared with those who need it to review the appeal. All data will be managed according to our privacy policy.

  7. Non-Retaliation: Customers will not be subjected to any form of retaliation or adverse action for submitting an appeal. The Small Business Handbook Ltd. encourages feedback and values transparency in all dealings with our customers.

This Appeals Policy is designed to ensure fairness and transparency. We value our customers and their satisfaction, and we aim to resolve any disputes quickly and professionally. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about this policy or its application.