Every month, we're giving a small business £1,000 to spend on their business.

This can be spent on stock, marketing, software, education, office supplies or anything else that contributes toward the growth of your small business. 

For every £1 you spend on our website, you gain 1 entry. Of course, the more entries you acquire, the probability of you winning is increased.


We also offer 5 free additional ways to gain entries including:

1. Subscribe to our YouTube channel

2. Refer your friends (3 entries per referral, max of 10 referrals)

3. Subscribe to our podcast

4. Upload a photo and review of your order

5. Follow us on Pinterest

These are all optional actions. You may complete some but not all if you wish. Or, you may complete all 5 actions to gain the highest number of free entries.


After checking out, the entries acquired from your purchase will be shown. You will also receive an email with the subject line "TSBH Competition: Your Entries" which will display your total number of entries.


*Remember to check out using the same details to ensure all of your entries are compiled together.*


Each month, a new competition opens on 1st of the month. And, the competition will end on the final day of the month (usually 30th or 31st).

Your entries are only valid for the month in which you enter. You cannot carry entries over into the next competition.


The competition is open worldwide. The prize fund is offered in GBP (£). If you live outside of UK and therefore have a different currency, the prize amount will be converted to your currency. For example, if you are located in US, £1,000 = $1,276.63 ($USD), meaning you'll win $1,276.63.


The winner of each competition is drawn at random by a computerised generator to eliminate bias.


There are no limitations on re-entering the competition each month. So, if you are drawn as the winner, you are welcome to re-enter again the following month.

The winner will be drawn at random on 1st of each month whilst the next competition opens.


We will contact the winner via the email address you provided at checkout. Please check your junk / spam mailbox on the 1st of the month as our emails sometimes land in there.

If we don't receive acknowledgement upon contacting the winner via email, we will attempt to contact a further 3 times. If it remains unsuccessful, we will attempt to source further details from our system (e.g. your business name or a different email address) so we can attempt to contact you via an alternative medium.

If we don't receive acknowledgement within 31 days, we will run the draw again and a new winner will be selected. Although, if we receive an automated response from your email stating that you are currently out of office, on holiday, unavailable, etc until a specific date, we will hold your prize and re-attempt contact when you are available.


We will request that you provide us with direct URLs to the items you wish to purchase for your small business. We will also ask for the address you would like these to be delivered to. The total value of these items must be a maximum of £1,000 (or equivalent in other currencies). Shipping costs, VAT and other fees are to be included in the total value. Upon receiving these URLs, we will order these items directly to the address you provided. We will provide tracking details, if applicable.

If you wish to spend your winnings on a non-tangible item such as marketing, or use the winnings toward a purchase above £1,000, we will require proof of purchase to ensure the winnings were spent on something that contributes toward your small business.


This competition is not a raffle, nor is it for gambling purposes. This competition was created with the sole intent of giving back to our customers and showing our appreciation for your support. We ask that you do not abuse this competition for gambling purposes as we hold no liability for such acts.

Please only shop on our website with the intent of utilising the products purchased. We ask that you do not purchase with the sole intention of acquiring more entries. The winner is randomly selected by a computerised generator, and therefore cannot be guaranteed nor controlled.

Whilst acquiring more entries will statistically increase your probability of winning, a high probability does not guarantee a win. Please bare this in mind when entering.

We want you to enjoy this competition, but please follow the rules we have compiled and please act responsibly.



We are often subject to scammers impersonating us on Instagram, TikTok, Telegram and other social media platforms. These accounts will often look almost identical to ours, but have extra letters, numbers or symbols in their username.

These accounts typically spam follow our followers, then proceed to privately DM them, pretending to be us. The most common scams we see are:

1. Asking you to buy crypto

2. Telling you that you've won a competition

We will ONLY contact you via email if you win our competition.

We will NEVER ask you for payment details.

We will NEVER ask you to click on any links or URLs.

We will NEVER ask you to buy cryptocurrency.

We will NEVER create social media accounts specifically for "giveaway winners".

We will ONLY announce you as a winner on social media upon receiving your consent.

We WILL ask for your address via email, in order to get your items delivered to you. We will initially ask if the address we have on our system is correct, but if you have moved house or need it delivering elsewhere, we'll need to request for you to send it to us via email. We want to ensure your details are secure and you are not subject to any online scammers, so please don't hesitate to ask us for proof of identity before giving your details.

Please be cautious online and remember to never give your payment details to anybody on social media or click on any suspicious links, even if you believe it to be The Small Business Handbook.