Our Values


We firmly believe that your current situation should not determine your future. Sound help should be available and accessible to all, regardless of their financial circumstances.


Zero Judgement

Business isn't easy - it's actually really tough. You're bound to make countless mistakes along the way, and struggle to understand many aspects. I'd be lying if I said I hadn't made numerous mistakes myself. That's why we work to make TSBH a judgement free "safe space" for entrepreneurs.




The majority of the world's top business people are white men. But, business isn't reserved for them. Different genders, ages, ethnicities, religions and disabilities are all capable of achieving their wildest dreams, but often need tailored support. In 2023, we're working to make ADHD-friendly masterclasses, translate into multiple languages, and collaborate with experts to offer more support to aspiring entrepreneurs in need.



All of ⁣our teachings are delivered in an unpolished and informal format, so it feels more like you're chatting to a friend than being taught by a teacher. The information we deliver is in depth and often confusing to those starting out with no prior knowledge. So, by delivering this information in this way, we eliminate a lot of unnecessary confusion, make it easier to understand and apply, and much more enjoyable to learn.