Public Liability Insurance Policy

At The Small Business Handbook Ltd, we recognise our responsibility to the public and our clients. To protect both our customers and our business, we maintain a Public Liability Insurance Policy. Here's what our policy entails:

  1. Scope of Coverage: Our Public Liability Insurance provides coverage for any third-party bodily injury or property damage caused by our business operations or happening on our premises. This includes both legal expenses and any compensation we are obliged to pay.

  2. Limitations of Coverage: While our policy covers a wide range of incidents, there are some exceptions. It does not cover damages or injuries to our employees (which are covered by our Worker's Compensation Insurance) or damages resulting from professional negligence or deliberate malpractice.

  3. Claims Process: If an incident occurs that may lead to a public liability claim, please notify us immediately. Include as much information as possible, such as the incident's date, time, location, a description of the incident, any involved parties, and any potential witnesses.

  4. Investigation: Upon receiving a claim, we will initiate an investigation. We may engage external investigators or experts as required, and we may also liaise with law enforcement agencies.

  5. Cooperation: We request all parties involved in a claim to cooperate fully with our investigation. This includes providing requested information in a timely manner and refraining from making any admissions or settlements without our consent.

  6. Compensation: If we are found to be legally liable for an incident, our insurance will cover the legal costs and compensation payments, up to the limit of our policy.

  7. Policy Review: We review our public liability insurance policy annually to ensure it provides appropriate coverage for our business and our activities.

This policy does not represent a complete statement of the coverage provided by our Public Liability Insurance. The actual coverage is subject to the terms, conditions, and exclusions of the policy. If you have any questions or need to report an incident, please contact us at