Reasonable Adjustments Policy

At The Small Business Handbook Ltd, we are committed to creating an inclusive and accessible environment for all individuals. Our Reasonable Adjustments Policy outlines our commitment to making reasonable adjustments in order to ensure equal access to our products and services.

  1. Scope: This policy applies to all individuals who interact with our products and services, including employees, customers, and service providers.

  2. Definition of Reasonable Adjustment: A reasonable adjustment refers to a modification or alteration to our workplace, job roles, work practices, policies, procedures, or products and services, that enables an individual with a disability or special need to perform their job duties, or to access our products and services on an equal basis with others.

  3. Identifying the Need for Reasonable Adjustment: We rely on individuals to inform us of their need for a reasonable adjustment. If you require any adjustments, please contact us at, providing as much detail as possible about your needs.

  4. Consideration of Requests: We will consider all requests for reasonable adjustments on a case-by-case basis. We will consult with the individual to understand their needs and explore possible adjustments. We will also consider the effectiveness of the adjustment, the potential benefits for the individual, and the practicality of implementation.

  5. Implementation: If a requested adjustment is deemed reasonable and necessary, we will make every effort to implement it in a timely manner. We may also periodically review the adjustment to ensure it remains effective and appropriate.

  6. Confidentiality: We will handle all information related to requests for reasonable adjustments confidentially, and we will only share it with individuals involved in the consideration and implementation of the adjustment.

  7. Non-Discrimination: We will not discriminate against any individual because of their need for a reasonable adjustment. We will not tolerate any harassment or adverse treatment of an individual because they have requested or received a reasonable adjustment.

  8. Review: We will periodically review this policy to ensure it continues to meet the needs of all individuals and complies with applicable laws and regulations.

By using our products and services, or working for The Small Business Handbook Ltd, you acknowledge our right to make reasonable adjustments as necessary, and you agree to cooperate in the implementation of these adjustments. If you have any questions or concerns about this policy, please contact us.