The TSBH Fund

What Is It?
This fund is to financially support small business owners who want to take the next step in their business journey, but can't find the funds to do so.  I'll be selling a wide range of products, including merchandise, such as sweatshirts with motivational quotes on.  100% of the profits generated will be split among small businesses at the end of each month.
How Do I Get Funding?
Complete this application: >>CLICK HERE<<

First selection will be made at the end of January. Those selected will be contacted via email and will be announced on social media. If you'd prefer to keep it private (i.e. not shared on social media), please disclose this in your application.

Why Are We Using Print-On-Demand?
When somebody hosts a non-profit fund, they are entitled to take a wage from the profits for the work they've put into running the fund, thus reducing the final amount given to those in need. Many even take advantage of this by paying themselves copious amounts. By using print-on-demand, the entire process is automated and requires no time from my staff or me, meaning I don't have to deduct wages from the overall profit, allowing me to give more to small businesses. The only expenses we'll have to deduct is the cost of manufacturing, tax and VAT.
How Much Profit Is Made Per Item?
Sweatshirts = £9.13 - £11.03 each
Tshirts = £10.13
Phone Cases = £6.07