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Bossing The Tok TikTok Planner

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TikTok has over 1 billion active users, and is the most downloaded app in the world! So, I don't think you need much more convincing as to why your business needs to be on TikTok.

This planner provides you with weekly goal setting, daily planning, weekly tracking, TikTok tips and weekly tasks to complete in order to skyrocket your presence on the app. These tasks include:

 - Keyword research and placement for discoverability

 - Competitor research within the app

 - Hashtag research and placement for visibility

 - Crafting your content pillars for consistency

 - Increasing your reach

 - Creating your own viral TikTok series

For each task, you're provided with an in-depth understanding, plus worksheets to complete.


Printed in colour. 152 pages.