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Complete Etsy Audit & Strategy

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Unlock the full potential of your Etsy shop with our Etsy Audit & Strategy service. We will conduct a thorough assessment of your shop's performance, identifying key areas for improvement and untapped growth opportunities. We will provide a tailor-made roadmap to elevate your Etsy shop, boost visibility, and increase sales.



Please allow 7-14 days after purchasing to receive your final document. Keep an eye on your inbox as we'll be in touch shortly after you've placed your order.

  1. Add this listing to your cart and checkout. Note: No discount codes or sales will be applicable on services.
  2. After checking out, a PDF download will appear on the page. Download it.
  3. This document includes a link which will take you to a survey. Complete the survey in as much detail as possible.


You'll receive a 30+ page document including your personalised audit. In this document, I'll cover the essentials:

  • SEO audit and strategy
  • Product listing audit and strategy
  • Sales optimisation audit and strategy
  • Shop architecture audit and strategy
  • Pricing audit and strategy
  • Audit each shop page e.g. collections, about us, etc
  • Blueprint for next 3 months
  • Recommended growth opportunities



This service is offered on a very limited basis. Once it's sold out, it will not become available again until current audits have been completed.

This service will be completed by Olivia, the founder, who has successfully grown her own business, which holds an estimated valuation of £1.2 million. Not only that, but has proudly helped many small businesses grow to 10,000 followers and beyond through her masterclasses.

This service is bespoke. This is not a copy and paste strategy. This is entirely written for your business.