Content Post Planner Desk Planner Pad

Content Post Planner Desk Planner Pad

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4pm hits, and you know you need to post something soon, but you're stuck. Your mind has gone blank. You have zero ideas. The stress begins.

This desk planner allows you to plan out your individual posts to ensure you've included all of the essentials. You're a small business owner, you're bound to forget things with all of the other things you have to think about 24/7! So, make it easier for yourself.


This desk planner includes:

 - Outline of content

 - Content pillar

 - Intention (aka what you aim to get out of posting it... Sales? Followers? Engagement?)

 - Audio / Photo

 - Hook / Title

 - Caption

 - Call to action

 - Keywords & hashtags 


A5 size. 50 pages. Premium 100gsm paper.

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