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The Small Business Handbook

Email Marketing Strategy: 10x Your Sales

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Still sending generic emails and hoping for a miracle? Time for an upgrade. Turn your email marketing from a mere "tool" into a formidable sales machine.

This eBook offers a clear, easy to follow and easy to apply email marketing strategy, structured to 10x your sales.

It guides you through effectively crafting *all* of the necessary email marketing automations, including a recommended subject line, time delays and what to include in each email.

💌 No more wading through jargon-laden waters. We've stripped back the complexities and laid down a blueprint so clear, anybody could nail it. Seriously.

📈 Why settle for mediocre when you can MULTIPLY? Dive into proven techniques that don't just bring sales but skyrocket them!

🔥 Work smart, not hard. Master the art of setting up automations that don't just run in the background, but also keep that *cha-ching* notification sounding!

 is more than just an ebook – it's your golden ticket to scaling your business effortlessly. Dive in, and witness the magic unfold!


66 page PDF document. For product-based businesses.


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Email Marketing Strategy: 10x Your Sales
Email Marketing Strategy: 10x Your Sales