Content Ideas Desk Planner Pad

Content Ideas Desk Planner Pad

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The easiest and quickest way to generate content that sells, is to use content pillars. Pillars are broad 'topics' that your content will be based on. You can change these as often or little as you wish.

For example, if I owned an eco-friendly candle business targeting mums, my content pillars could be:

 - Self care / relaxation

 - Mum life

 - Environment

With these content pillars, you can then generate content ideas under the categories of entertain, educate, inspire, promote and storytelling. Just like this...




 - Top 3 budget-friendly relaxation techniques

 - How to implement self care into a busy schedule

 - 3 relaxation hacks for busy mums


 - Meme about having no time to relax as a busy mum

 - Reel about finally finding 5 mins to relax as a busy mum


 - Why self care is so important and shouldn't be overlooked

 - Why finding time to relax will make you a better parent

 - Self care reminder quote


 - Top 3 relaxing scents, and why they're so relaxing

 - Self care routine (using your candles)

 - Self care gift ideas (including your candles)


 - The story of how your life changed when you began implementing self care

 - The story of a customer who ordered a candle for her stressed friend

 - The inspiration behind your best-selling relaxing candle


See... It's as easy as that! I don't even sell candles, and that was a breeze for me.


This desk planner gives you space to draft 3 content pillars per page then content ideas stemmed from those pillars.


A5 size. 50 pages. Premium 100gsm paper.

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