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Doing It For The Gram Instagram Digital Planner

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Instagram can seem like a minefield, with its ever changing algorithm and updates, always throwing us off track. Do you know why they're throwing you off track? Because you're forcing yourself to run as fast as you can to keep up with it all. Breathe. Instagram doesn't control your business. You're in the driver's seat. This planner will allow you to gain control, grow and sell like crazy on the gram.

This planner provides you with weekly goal setting, daily planning, weekly tracking, Instagram tips and weekly tasks to complete in order to skyrocket your presence on the app. These tasks include:

 - Your target audience

 - Auditing your current content to find what works and what doesn't

 - SEO and keyword research for visibility

 - Optimising your profile for visibility and conversion

 - Crafting the perfect set of highlights to convert more

 - Hashtag research and placement for visibility

 - Instagram stories planning

 - Understanding how to go viral without reels, on the Explore Page

 - Understanding the Reels algorithm

 - Call to actions to boost engagement

 - How to craft the perfect caption

 - Crafting a content funnel that converts

 - Crafting a killer Instagram content strategy to convert your followers to customers

 - 365 days of content ideas

 - Progress trackers

For each task, you're provided with an in-depth understanding, plus worksheets to complete.


Digital planner, PDF. 222 pages.