Dream Life Workbook
Dream Life Workbook
Dream Life Workbook

Dream Life Workbook

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Dream-Life workbook will help to:

- Lead you in the right direction

- Understand your true desires

- Realign with your purpose

- Set courageous dreams & goals

- Get you organised for the transformative year ahead

- And of course, live your best life!


Inside you will find 5 sections that will all guide you to an amazing 12 months ahead:

1. Reflect on the past year:

- reflect on everything that happened in the last year

- learn from the good and the bad

- realign your focus

2. Working with your dreams:

- Write out your 10 dreams

- check if these are YOUR true dreams

- work with your fears

- work with your limiting beliefs

- write out your action steps

3. Setting goals:

- Set goals for all the sections of your life: wellbeing, relationships, personal growth, career, money, etc.

4. Self care:

- Decide on what you will start doing for yourself this year

- As well as the things you will stop/ do less of this year

- Write out your daily, weekly and monthly self-care routine


Made by Lamare.

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