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The Instagram Social Success Masterclass (InstaQueen)

  • £33.99
  • £33.99
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What will you learn about?

- How to get found on Instagram

- How to beat the algorithm

- How to consistently grow your account

- How to increase your engagement

- How to increase your reach

- How to optimize your profile for conversion

- How to turn followers into customers

P.S. None of this requires showing your face...


After watching this, you will know E V E R Y T H I N G about Instagram; you'll never be looking for advice again.


Is this the same as the Instagram Content Strategy masterclass?

NO. This is focussed on the technical side of Instagram, whereas that one is focussed solely on content creation.


What's included?

- InstaQueen Masterclass [2 hours]

- Content That Sells Mini Masterclass [15 mins]

- Worksheets and trackers

- IG story games

- 2022 content calendar