Journal For Struggling Entrepreneurs
Journal For Struggling Entrepreneurs
Journal For Struggling Entrepreneurs
Journal For Struggling Entrepreneurs

Journal For Struggling Entrepreneurs

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I fell out of love with my business; as the pressure built up and I burnt out. I stopped showing up with passion, and my business suffered, which only increased my stress. It began to snowball.

When you sell with zero passion, people can see through it. Your product doesn't have to solve major problems, in fact, it could be complete trash... But, if you show it off with all the passion in the world, it rubs off on people. On a similar note, when you show up with desperation for sales, it shows and people ignore what you have to offer.

During the first year of my business, my passion was on fire. Selling was effortless; my fiery energy sold everything for me. When pressure began building up and my passion died down, selling became a chore, and didn't have the same impact as it once did.

I took a week off my business and turned social media off to regain that fire within me. I came bouncing back, and everything returned to normal. The mass of sales began flowing again, my engagement skyrocketed, and more importantly, my customers were giving me better reviews than ever before - they were happy with what I was selling to them!

During my time off, I came to the realisation that it doesn't matter how much business knowledge you have, if you're not passionate. You know when you're sat listening to someone talk about something they love, and you're completely engaged? It doesn't matter if you care about what they're talking about, their pure passion rubs off on you. The same rule applies with you and your business. If you're not passionate, you can't expect your audience to be.

The second you become obsessed with sales and revenue, it's game over. But, you can fix that now, gain back your passion and consequently allow your business to grow effortlessly.

I created this journal for struggling entrepreneurs, which pulled me out of the slump I was in with my business. It asks a series of questions, forcing you to dig a little deeper and lose sight of the financial-driven side of your business, as that's holding you back.

The journal begins by asking you if you enjoy running your business. You'll then proceed to answer the rest of the questions, in whatever timely manner you wish - whether you do one a day, or just when you're in a slump. At the end, you'll again be asked whether you enjoy running your business. Through completing the journal, you'll see how your answer changes from the start as you gain your love back.

This journal is ideal for small business owners who:

 - Have fallen out of love with their business

 - Often want to quit

 - Find themselves worrying / upset over a lack of sales

 - Find themselves worrying / upset over a lack of growth

 - Often promote their product(s) but see poor results

 - Have no / very little passion for their business, in comparison to when they first started

 - Struggle to see a bright future for their business

 - Experience more downs than ups with their business

 - Feel a lot of pressure from their business

 - Are frequently stressed due to their business

 - Feel burnt out and overwhelmed

 - Are feeling lost with their business and don't know how to move forward

You have everything you need to grow your business onwards and upwards. But, you can't pour from an empty cup. The first step you must take is working on yourself.


166 pages. Softcover. A5.

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