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MidJourney Prompts: Seamless Patterns V1

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On Etsy in particular, there’s a high demand for digital designs such as digital paper, digital patterns, clipart, digital planner stickers, digital prints, etc. This collection of prompts will specifically help you curate digital paper and digital patterns.

This is becoming an increasingly popular way of generating passive income, as there’s such a large pool of eager customers. However, there’s one big problem.

The majority of people producing digital products using Midjourney are all following the same or similar prompts. So, there’s a clear repetition of designs across Etsy.

So, does this mean people won’t purchase if you create similar designs to others?

Honestly, no. You can still make sales. But, you’re automatically reducing your potential pool of customers down to a fraction as people have alternative options.

I’ve spent 2-3 conducting data analysis on Etsy to find out what sort of designs people are wanting to purchase, but there are very few shops offering such designs. Alongside this research, I’ve been experimenting with Midjourney to curate written prompts that generate the best results

You can utilise these Midjourney prompts provided to easily curate new and unique prompts. You can do this by editing certain details such as: colours, era, art style, motifs, size, feel, texture, etc.


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MidJourney Prompts: Seamless Patterns V1
MidJourney Prompts: Seamless Patterns V1