Q&A a Day 3 Years Journal For Entrepreneurs
Q&A a Day 3 Years Journal For Entrepreneurs
Q&A a Day 3 Years Journal For Entrepreneurs
Q&A a Day 3 Years Journal For Entrepreneurs

Q&A a Day 3 Years Journal For Entrepreneurs

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We can all agree that our journey as entrepreneurs is almost like a dream. The people we meet, the things we get to do, and the lessons we learn. Most importantly, the people we're shaping ourselves into.

I'm not going to sugar coat it. When you take a step back, it's easy to appreciate this life we're building for ourselves. But, when do we ever get time to take a step back? With orders flying out of the door, products to create, emails to reply to, content to create... *breathe*.

I started my adventure in the business world just over one year ago, and it seems as though I blinked and now I'm here today. It saddens me, to be honest, because I know how much happened along the way which I no longer remember - and I know it's the same for you too. In 5 years time, when you're finally living your dream life, you want to be able to look back at where it started.

The Q&A a Day Journal is designed specifically for product-based business owners. Every day, for a year, you'll be asked a specific question about your business. Then, you'll go back for another 2 years and answer the same questions - seeing how your answers change over the period of 3 years.

Journalling is an incredible tool for self improvement and growth, plus, each question will only take you a minute or two to answer each day.

My biggest regret is not starting this sooner; so don't make the same mistake and lose track of this amazing adventure you're on.



 - 365 product-based business related questions, with space to answer each one for 3 years.

 - Hardcover to ensure durability. This is your little time capsule, so I've ensured it'll withstand any conditions and will last you a lifetime!

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