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Selling A Product That Doesn't Solve A Problem Masterclass

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It's widely accepted that your product must solve a problem in order to sell it well. Whilst this is very much true for products that do solve a problem, but there seems to be zero consideration for those that don't...

You cannot tell me a pink fluffy pen solves a problem. I could buy one for a fraction of the cost if it was a necessity. So, why would I buy a pink fluffy one?

After months of researching, I have concluded that there are six main reasons people buy products that don't solve a problem.

And, I have created The D.E.P.C.I.E Framework and The Sales Equation for those business owners who simply just sell "pretty things".

So, if you're a business owner who has found themselves pulling their hair out because their product doesn't solve a problem, fear not! Not all hope is lost. Allow me to show you the way.

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