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Small Biz Goes Viral: Complete Guide on Viral Instagram Reels

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What would 200,000 new eyeballs on your business mean to you?

A viral reel is priceless... You drive get your business in front of 10,000s of new eyeballs, drive in 1,000s of new customers and followers, and it's all for FREE - and probably takes you approx. 10 minutes to create it.

Not only that, but viral reels have a much longer lifetime than any other type of post; they can continue gaining views for weeks upon weeks.

After gosh knows how long of trying, I cracked the code, and have successfully uploaded 12 viral reels, and grown my following by over 2,500 in less than 2 weeks - the power of reels!

This guide sets out the exact framework to follow to publish a viral reel - EVEN if it's a reel about your product (it's possible). I myself had a viral reel about my product which drew 100s of orders in!

If you're not on the reels train already, now is your time - let's get growing!


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