The 6-Figure Email Marketing Strategy Masterclass


Email marketing has a 4,200% return on investment, meaning for every £1 put in, you get £42 back, which is huge! So, it's an essential part of your marketing mix.

This masterclass takes you through my 6-figure email marketing strategy, step by step.

You'll learn:

 - How to segment your email list to increase conversion and sales

 - How to structure your emails

 - How to structure your flows / chains of emails for effective automation

 - How to increase your open and click rates

 - How to get email list sign ups


This masterclass is approx. 1 hour long. It focusses on a strategy that drives sales, and doesn't cover the basics such as setting up your email marketing.

FREEBIE: You'll also receive Canva email templates to get you started with the creative process.

Lifetime access.