The Handmade Business Workbook For Etsy Sellers *DIGITAL*
The Handmade Business Workbook For Etsy Sellers *DIGITAL*
The Handmade Business Workbook For Etsy Sellers *DIGITAL*
The Handmade Business Workbook For Etsy Sellers *DIGITAL*
The Handmade Business Workbook For Etsy Sellers *DIGITAL*
The Handmade Business Workbook For Etsy Sellers *DIGITAL*

The Handmade Business Workbook For Etsy Sellers *DIGITAL*

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Designed specifically to help Etsy sellers grow their online business.

This workbook guides you through, step-by-step, everything you need to do to ensure your Etsy shop is PERFECT! Let's face it... There's no point in trying to drive traffic from social media if your shop isn't set up for conversion.

This workbook includes:

- Setting your limits and working boundaries.

- Vision board.

- Setting short and long term goals for Etsy, Instagram, Pinterest, TikTok, finances, traffic, email list, branding, career, confidence, wellbeing and mental health.

- Two blank goal setting tables for you to set your own short and long term goals.

- Goal setting and related action steps plan.

- Analysing your visits, views, orders, revenue and conversion over the past 6 months in order to find the faults.

  - This includes a table to fill with statistics, followed by questions to find the route of the problem.

- Same structure, but specifically focussed on traffic. This is to find out which traffic sources need working on.

- Again, similar to the above but specifically focussed on the sales for your best and worst selling products.

- Guided and prompted market research activity, including space to make note of the answers gained from your survey.

- Calculating the average for each question and putting it into a buyer persona.

- Planning new products, prompted by questions to direct you in the right direction of launching things that will sell.

- Product ideas planning page, including space to sketch or draft your idea, followed by action steps to bring it to life.

- Costs associated with creating new products and creating a budget to buy these materials / products.

- Full page displaying the different options of product pricing.

- Calculating the costs of a product, followed by questions to prompt you toward setting the best price for this product. Space to do this for 10 products.

- Analysing your current products to see what can be improved, and setting out action steps in order to do this.

- Creating variations of your current best-sellers.

- 3 pages teaching about unique selling points and how to discover yours.

- Questions prompting you toward discovering your unique selling point(s).

- Comparison of your product vs your competitors to discover why yours is superior.

- Crafting your About Us section with questions prompting you in the right direction.

- Completing your Shop Policies to ensure you show up on the Etsy search page.

- Drafting your shop image, including things such as your banner.

- Planning your shop navigation to increase conversion.

- At-home product photoshoot on a budget planning and budgeting.

- Questions to help you discover how to take the best photos for sales.

- Questions prompting you toward crafting the perfect product description.

- Keyword research and planning.

- Keyword performance trackers.

- Traffic analytics trackers.

- Sales trackers.


154 pages. A4 size. Softcover.

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