The Service Business Planner
The Service Business Planner
The Service Business Planner
The Service Business Planner
The Service Business Planner
The Service Business Planner

The Service Business Planner

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Are you a service-based business? This planner will keep you in check!


This planner includes:

- Inspiring Quotes. These will help keep you motivated and on track.

- 2x Annual Planners. So you can plan your year in two separate ways e.g. product launches throughout the year, and markets throughout the year.

- Annual Analytics. To track your growth each month. Includes revenue, profit, sales, Instagram followers, TikTok followers, Pinterest viewers, traffic and email subscribers.

- Finance Trackers. Here, you can keep note of all of your income and expenses, ready to fill out your tax return. Plus, it's helpful to keep track of your finances for the sake of creating budgets e.g. marketing budget.

- Tax Deductibles. These pages include a list of expenses that can lower your tax payout, e.g. office supplies. Calculate how much you've spent on each, then you can deduct this from your overall profit, thus lowering your tax bill.

- Tax Calculation. If you don't yet have an accountant, don't worry. Use this page to calculate your tax payout. HMRC will do this for you, but it's helpful to have an estimate so you have time to prepare.

- VAT Tracker. If you are VAT registered, you can make note of any VAT owed and VAT spent, making it a smoother process when completing your VAT return. Even if you're not VAT registered yet, fill this in as once you become VAT registered, you can claim back on things you purchases before you were VAT registered.

- Stress Flowchart. These pages take you through a series of questions to answer when feeling stressed, in order to reduce your stress.

- Overthinking Flowchart. Similar in nature to the stress flowchart, but tailored toward overthinking. 

- Brain Dump. Blank pages to sketch, doodle and scribble down all of those ideas that clutter your mind.

- Project Planner. These pages give you space to scribble down or sketch your product / project ideas. Then, below you're given space to set out action steps in order to bring it to life.

- Month At A Glance. At the beginning of each month, you'll have space to plan out each day in a calendar format.

- Monthly Outgoings. These pages give you space to make note of any payments and invoices due that month, including the amount and due date.

- Monthly Client Income. Here you'll have an overview of your income from clients.

- Monthly Goals. Here you can write down 3 main goals for that month, followed by the action steps necessary to get there.

- Week At A Glance. At the beginning of each week, you're given a to do list to jot down all of the things you need to get done. Next to it is a weekly schedule, so you can begin designating each task to a certain day.

- Weekly Budget. Creating a budget means saving more money to invest back into your business. Sticking to a monthly budget can be tricky as unexpected things often pop up, so in this planner you can create a new budget every week.

- Social Media Plan. Each week, you can plan out your entire content schedule. This page gives you space to plan out content for each day of the week on 4 platforms of your choice (they've been left blank for you to fill in).

- Client Schedule. To plan out any client work for the week.

- Daily Journal. Every day, you have a page of journal-type questions to complete. I recommend doing this before anything else to get you in the right mindset for a productive day. The questions include things such as "reminder of my end-goal". Did you know, writing down your goal every day increases your chances of achieving it by 44%?! Well, you can write it down daily with this planner. You also have space for a gratitude list, aims for the day, achievements and something new you've learnt which encourages you to continue expanding your knowledge.

- Daily Planner. Following your daily journal page, you can plan out your day. On this page, you have space to write a to do list, goal for the day, motivational quote, calls / emails, social media plan and a brain dump.

- Trackers. Tonnes of trackers to keep on top of your progress! You have trackers for: Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, email marketing, traffic by source, sales by source, traffic by social source, sales by social source, general analytics and best-selling products.

- Brain Dump. Plenty of space at the back of your planner for any random thoughts or ideas.

A5, Hardback.

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