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The Social Media Digital Planner

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Say bye, bye to "oh gosh, I don't know what to post tonight" as you get your content schedule in check with The Social Media Planner. The planner provides an undated series of monthly schedules, and is then broken down into weeks. Within each week, you'll find:

 - Content ideas brainstorm

 - Content pillars

 - Planning the specifics of your content e.g. audio, photos, etc

 - Content creation checklist

 - Instagram schedule

 - Instagram stories schedule

 - TikTok schedule

 - Pinterest schedule

 - Blank schedule (for any other platforms you may use e.g. Facebook) 

After the planning, you're presented with a series of trackers. You have two for each platform. One looks at the overall account, and the other looks at the analytics of each piece of content, so you can continuously grow.


Digital PDF. 262 pages.